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25th Feb '13

Morning sickness is kicking my ass this time around. I'm only 5 weeks along but I feel like I've had a constant stomach bug for a week and a half, it's awful. I can't get out of bed except to run to the bathroom! I'm fine all morning, it hits me more toward the evening (5, 6, 7 o'clock). I have my sea-bands, ginger gum and saltines which help a lot but not nearly enough.
With Noah the morning sickness didn't hit til 8 weeks and only lasted til about 12 weeks but it wasn't this bad... any tips? I'm desperate. :(

amy & adrian +3 3 kids; Wisconsin 821 posts
25th Feb '13

Wish I had tips to help you but I don't, I had morning sickness with my second (my daughter) it started at 4 weeks and last the whole pregnancy... Wishing you the best.

Eli and Sam's Mom 2 kids; North Carolina 408 posts
25th Feb '13

I had the same problem with my second baby. I had a feeling I was further along then what they were telling me. When they did an ultra sound sure enough I was 4 weeks further along then what they thought. They gave me zofran and it helped a lot.

Mama to Lexi & Madie 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Tennessee 1772 posts
25th Feb '13

I take Zofran and its WONDERFUL!! I had M/S really bad until I started taking it and now...nothing. Every now and then if I forget to take it i'll puke first thing in the morning but as soon as I take it with-in 20 mins im good to go for the day. Ask your doc what he/she recommends. Hope ya get to feeling better hun :)

Baby_Majick 52 kids; Sullivan, Missouri 4031 posts
25th Feb '13

Dissolvable zofran and pops... fresh fruit pops are the best (Lime was my favorite)

Christalll Due February 4; 1 child; Manchester, Connecticut 817 posts
25th Feb '13

zofran ^ thats what i took with aiden and it worked amazingly. i couldnt keep anything down and once i started taking that i wasnt throwing up as much.