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25th Feb '13

Well , i got a laptop because im in the hospital. I went into premature labor last week at 27 weeks.. My cervix is short, leaking fluid, and im 2 cm 50% effaced.. I came in because I knew with my son being preemie something wasnt right.. & Sure enough I got here and right away they admitted me , gave me steroid shots and stopped the labor.. Im in here till i have her.. I got a ultrasound shes 2 and a half pounds. I got weighed last night and i gained 6 pounds in 5 days... Wich was really suprising... They told Matt and I that we wont have much longer, & she will be a confirmed preemie.. Welp... On the bright side I got to see Ben today but somethings up hes just not acting like the 2 year old he was before I left, He was scared, hitting and biting.. My boyfriends parents had Ben for 3 days & his sister has a 2 year old son to, He has hit ben in the past and they laugh about it... Im trying not to stress out but I need to speak up about it! :(
Just thought id let everyone know how im doing...
Hows everyone ? Hows the kids?!

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5828 posts
25th Feb '13

Thank God you made it in early enough for them to stop it!
Sorry you're in there though. That must be difficult having to sit in a hospital and not have your son with you all the time. Sorry about that. But hopefully your new LO will stay in the tummy for a while longer!!

BennysMom[&ExpectingAgain Due May 14; 1 child; Saskatchewan 774 posts
25th Feb '13
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Glad they were able to stop it. Hoping for the best in everything!

Mrs.Wood+2 2 kids; Michigan 430 posts
25th Feb '13

Hoping for the best :] Having a preemie isn't fun:/ glad you went in time for them to slow things down!!

TaylorRose8205 1 child; Herrin, Illinois 119 posts
4th Mar '13

I went into thr hospital at 28 weeks. Had my baby girl at 29 weeks 1 day, she was 2 pounds 8 ounces and 14 inches long. She is now 15 weeks old and doing wonderfully at 8 pounds and 20 and a half inches! I just like to give my words of encouragement that teeny tiny babies can turn out just perfect!

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status 4th Mar '13

My husband was born at 30 weeks, given 48 hours to live... needless to say he's almost 27 now... that's the longest 48 hours I've ever seen!! ;-) lol. Prayin for the best!! ♥ (I know I commented the other day, hope you are doing well.)

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5th Mar '13

Awwwww. ....I know the feeling...... I went to the hospital with my second child at 25 weeks 5 days.....the fetak fibronectin testing showed that delivery was imminent..... They gave me steroids and fluids and magnesium to stop my labor....... and admitted me. Everything was quiet for about 1 I signed myself outta the hospital and went home.....(I lived in Kaiserslautern Germany at the time) All I knew was I didnt wanna have my baby in this foreign country all alone.....sooooooo I began packing my bags and booked a ticket on the first flight I coukd get back to New York with DH...... The next morning DH left me home alone to run errands before our flight later that night......while he was away I began I feel terrible cramping......since I had never felt like this before I figured I'd take a nap and all would be well later.....About 4 hours later I awoke and felt the urge to use the soon as I got outta bed and walked 10 feet my water broke......Within mins I was in the worst pain of my life......that God my neighbor heard me screaming and called the polezi. They called for and ambulance and tried to make it to the hospital. ... unfortunately by the time the doctors arrived at my home my son was crowning......they closed and crossed my legs and flew me to to hospital.....My son was born in the elevator of Kaiserslutern Hospital on November 19, 2000. Since he was male and atthis time medicine wasnt as advanced he had a poor temp suck swallow breath reflex apgar failure......list goes on and on.....but he made brain damage nothing wrong.... I am greatful..... ..I wish you the best!!!!! And take good care of yourself.....I didnt know it at the time but my selfishness almost cost my son his life...