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26th Feb '13



I was completely fine with the pain until the midwives had a doctor come in to discuss my options. I was walking and bouncing, showering and such... But then I stopped progressing at 6cm and they were beginning to question how long I could keep it up for. I'd already been awake for more than 24 hours and, as I said, wasn't progressing. They'd left me to see if I could on my own for a few hours after breaking my waters and nothing happened. They made it sound so magical (pitocin) and like it would solve all of my problems. "If we put you on this, it'll just make your contractions a little stronger so they get you through this hard part sooner." I was like 'YES LET'S DO THIS!" And then after being on it for 7 hours, it did nothing but force the contractions to last a minute with a 40 second break between. I was using gas because they had to make me lay down on a bed for the monitors. My breathing started to suffer because of the panting and gas getting to me and in the end (7 hours of useless torture) I was offered a c-section because I was almost passing out, my oxygen saturation had dwindled to about 77 when it should ideally be in the 90's and the baby was also beginning to stress.

Then after all of that, they found out that the opening of my pelvis is misshapen and was also forming a barrier which was preventing the DS's head descending properly into the birth canal, my placenta was also odd and had formed a second nodule which hadn't detached from the uterine wall and could have caused a huge bleed or gone necrotic. I'm a little glad I didn't get to finish labour. I at least got to experience it though :)

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27th Feb '13

I didn't get an epidural when I had my daughter but I did get pain medication in an IV and medication for nausea because I kept getting sick. The pain really wasn't bad, definitely not what I expected it to be. I wouldn't even consider an epidural when I deliver this baby. They cause too many back problems, spinal headaches and the thought of a large needle in my spine bothers me more than a head coming out of my vagina. Im going all natural this time, no pain meds at all... maybe still the nausea medication. If they offer to induce you for no reason, say no. Its tempting because you want the baby out but my doctor had to keep stretching my cervix because I stopped dialating and I almost had to get a c-section. I told them hell no, my birth plan was no epidural, no c-section and no formula and I stuck to it!