Miss Beautiful0812 3 kids; Florida 3344 posts
24th Jun '13
Quoting ~Manda Panda +3 1/2~:" Amidst all my craziness of vacation and stupid computer problems I've gotten some cute shots. :) (all ... [snip!] ... Mackinac Island With nephew And kinda proud of DH for taking this lol. Did some pics for Dh's niece. Fave so far "

Aww! Those are super cute. I've taken a few over the past week and I'll post them if you like to see them. (:

Kim ♥ 2247517922 2 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 26777 posts
25th Jun '13
Quoting ★ Raych ★:" Is this thread still alive??? Just recently dug my camera back out since we've been having nicer weather ... [snip!] ... the grass reflects off of her. Edit in B&W: Both edits trying a different crop: Color: B&W: Thanks ladies! "

Did you try the healing brush for the green?