2 year old and dental work Blair Nealey 2 kids; Darlington, South Carolina 312 posts
28th Feb '13

Just a little history: My 2 year old DD fell in the bathtub a while back, popping her mouth on the side and chipping one her front teeth pretty good. So, when she went for her cleaning, they sent us to a specialist and of course, she chipped it to the point where it needs to be removed and she also has 2 small cavities that has to be filled.
Anyway, she goes in tomorrow to have all this done and I am really nervous. I mean, I know she's in good hands. I totally trust her dentist and she likes her dentist (big surprise there). So, my question is has anyone experienced anything like this with their toddler and how did it go?

user banned 2 kids; Silly, Belgium 6539 posts
28th Feb '13

My daughter needed dental surgery when she was 2. She had several teeth removed and they put in porcelain teeth in the front. It took about an hour, if I remember correctly, and she was 'under' the entire time. When she came to, she was a bit different from her usual self and it took 2-3 hours for her to become herself again. Her mouth was sore but she didn't complain at all, and she was such a little champ about it.