HELP! Need baby names! Rockin' Rae 2 kids; Michigan 540 posts
1st Mar '13

I am having a HORRIBLE time coming up with girl names, we are not finding out what we're having so we need both a girls and a boys name. My daughter's name is Hailey, and I love the name Alaina for a girl, except friends of ours just named their daughter that, so that's now off the list. Please help me come up with suggestions!! Perfer something that goes with the middle name Lee (family name) Last name is Rock.

fyi...for a boys name we are thinking either Keegan or Owen...

Krystal Shelton Due October 22 (girl); 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Tatum, TX, United States 153 posts
1st Mar '13

We are going to name ours Maya Serenity. Ummm others I liked were moira, savannah, kinsley ... crap pregnancy brain won't go away sorry lol

Coffee Milk 2 kids; Alaska 2089 posts
1st Mar '13

Adella, Abella, Attina.
Coral. Winter. Grace.
Sadie. Alayna. Regina.

Jessica +2 Due September 7; 2 kids; Florida 3725 posts
status 1st Mar '13

Names I had if it was a girl where:

DJ, Nick & Emma's mommy Due August 20 (boy); 3 kids; Toledo, Ohio 2162 posts
1st Mar '13

I really wanted to name my daughter Elaina, but DH hated the name...I was working hard to convince him on it (beings he practically named our boys) and then his best friend from work had a baby girl exactly 1 month before us and thats what they named their daughter, so it was def out.....I ended up with a Emma instead.

Brookie99 1 child; Fort McMurray, Alberta 1126 posts
1st Mar '13

Names I liked but couldn't use because either SO didn't like them or it was the name of a friend or family members child are:

We ended up deciding on Sophia

Kylie's👣Mommy. 1 child; 1 angel baby; Texas 3453 posts
1st Mar '13

Laney. Delaney. Ellie. Eden. Emma.

Maverick. Lane. Tanner. Carson.