cot to bed! Angie ♥ 1 child; United Kingdom 1548 posts
2nd Mar '13

How old was your baby when they stopped sleeping in a cot and got their own little bed? X

☮[The Mrs.] FJB Due December 4; 3 kids; North Carolina 14335 posts
2nd Mar '13

My son slept in a crib until he was one then got a bed.

hjfkdlfhjaklfhjdkla California 1214 posts
2nd Mar '13

We are switching Annabelle to a toddler bed this weekend. She can climb out of her crib now, but it's nice because her crib converts to a toddler bed. I just always assumed you switch them over if they can climb out... might as well make it safer for them!

Angie ♥ 1 child; United Kingdom 1548 posts
2nd Mar '13

Ah cool thanks ladies! Soph is 18 months now and we co sleep. We move house this week though and I've decided to have her in her own bed in her own room when we do. Her cot that never ended up getting used converts to a toddler bed too. I didnt know if maybe she was too young for a bed and I should use it as a cot
.. Going to use it as a bed I've decided :) x