Stemming from another post (about pot) --K-- 2 kids; Romania 3189 posts
3rd Mar '13

Do you normally get tested for marijuana while pregnant/the baby after its born?

I know so far with this pregnancy I've never been drug tested, nor with DS, and I had just quit doing drugs when I found out I was prego with him.

Squeaky McGee 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 65151 posts
3rd Mar '13

They've never tested me. They have no reason to. I think they only test if they suspect drug use/abuse.

Bad Things 1 child; Blacksburg, SC, United States 17288 posts
status 3rd Mar '13

Here, they can not test you unless they have reasonable suspicion that your child was born addicted to something. It that case, they can test your child.

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
3rd Mar '13

I was drug tested with DD1 for a fact. I was an every day pot smoker until I was 7 weeks(when I found out I was pregnant) and they told me that I'll be drug tested in the hospital with the pee they take when you come in to L&D. So my guess it yes. If they only do it for certain reasons, I'm not sure why they did mine. Maybe just because I was young? But the doctor acted like it was routine to drug test when you come in to L&D and I know every time I went in to have my baby, they had me pee in a cup, even though I was drug free throughout my whole pregnancies.

susanesque 2 kids; Georgia 8425 posts
3rd Mar '13

Here they do a drug screen along with the other blood tests when you have your first appointment, but they don't do anything unless you test positive for hard drugs. Even then, all they would do is test you again later in pregnancy and then test the baby at birth.

I doubt they would do anything about pot unless you came in in labor high or something. Maybe not even then, because I know someone who has. :?

Sarah ♥ K&K 2 kids; South Land, CA, United States 119207 posts
status 3rd Mar '13

I've never been tested to my knowledge.

--K-- 2 kids; Romania 3189 posts
3rd Mar '13

I'll ask my midwife at my next appointment.
I've had to pee in a cup both of my other appointments but all they did was dip the protein and stuff stick in it then dump it out.

(and yes I have smoked recently. go ahead and bash lol. Its better then any of the alternatives though trust me and I am trying to cope without)

Lauralie89 3 kids; Pennsylvania 2244 posts
3rd Mar '13

I don't think they test me for drugs..but they always have me pee in a cup at each appointment. I've never done any drugs, I don't even smoke so there's no reason for my doctor to think I do.