Baby shower Invitations A Heart Mommy 1 child; Corpus Christi, Texas 535 posts
3rd Mar '13

Does anyone know of a free program that will allow me to make customized printable baby shower invitations? I was going to order some from and after everything it ended up being $42 for 25 invitations!

I♥RYLEIGH 49 kids; Windsor, Ontario 10434 posts
3rd Mar '13

Try looking on Etsy.

Sara Go 1 child; San Diego, California 866 posts
5th Mar '13

I can make the file for you for $8 and you can send the file to Walgreens or CVS or Kinkos to get them printed. It will be like $20 total :)

Here are my samples. You can just tell me the theme and what you want it to say in PM if interested: