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3rd Mar '13

Surname is Clifton!

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3rd Mar '13

Carter James

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3rd Mar '13

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Mama Kat Due August 15 (boy); 2 kids; Kentucky 919 posts
3rd Mar '13

I like James. It's my uncles name but he doesn't for whatever reason. He likes Carter Lee but Lee is my daughter from a previous relationships middle name and I think it'd be weird for siblings to have the same middle name.

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3rd Mar '13


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3rd Mar '13

Since Carter is really common I'd go for something less common so that it's less likely he'd encounter anyone with his exact first and middle name. So no James, Michael, Joseph, David, Alexander.

Carter Elias
Carter Maxwell
Carter Tobias
Carter Owen
Carter Elliot
Carter Grey
Carter Henry
Carter Jonah
Carter Ellis
Carter Finley

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3rd Mar '13
Quoting Mama Kat:" Surname is Clifton!"

Carter Allen Clifton
Carter James Clifton