Two questions Mandy Schlatterer Due March 27 (girl); 2 kids; New Port Richey, Florida 1842 posts
4th Mar '13

Does checking for dialation hurt?
Can I turn it down?
If movements are suddenly much stronger and more visible could that mean I lost some amniotic fluid?

Guess that was three..

MommyToWesley 1 child; Delaware 3847 posts
4th Mar '13

Yes, you can, and should turn down being checked for dilation until you're in labor. It does hurt, and getting checked does more harm than good.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
4th Mar '13

It shouldn't hurt but it can be uncomfortable.
Yes you can refuse it no reason to check until you are in labor
Not necessarily baby could just be in a different position

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7831 posts
4th Mar '13

It can hurt. And you can refuse. I refused.

Ashley; Kenley's Mommy! 1 child; Wisconsin 15117 posts
4th Mar '13

Yes it hurts, you can turn it down. No it could mean baby is getting bigger different position.

PurpleBama582 52 kids; Dothan, Alabama 3875 posts
4th Mar '13

It never hurt me. You can refuse it. Stronger, more visible movements could just mean baby is in a different position.

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
4th Mar '13

It never hurt with my first, and it hurts like a b***h this time. Just depends.

You can refuse it. Alot of people do because it increases risk of infection, and it really doesnt mean anything anyways.

Nope. Just means your feeling stronger movements :)