PP exercise Brittanylikesyou 3 kids; California 1988 posts
4th Mar '13

I really want to start exercising... nothing crazy...but more than just walking.

I had a vba2c so i dont have a c-section scar or healing like that to worry about...but i did have a 2nd degree tear.

Hoping to hear from other ladies about when they started mild exercise, and what they did.
I want to start insanity and the brazil butt lift at 6w pp, but I wont be in shape AT ALL, so im hoping to get myself at least a little bit back in shape in the mean time so its not a total shock for my body when I start up exercising seriously again.

*mz. williams* 3 kids; Palm Harbor, Florida 217 posts
4th Mar '13

I'm wondering the same thing. I'm almost 3weeks post partum and I can't wait to start getting my body back! My only difference is that I had a c section, so I'm not sure what is safe.