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Mommy|Of2 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Canada 3023 posts
5th Mar '13

I put on eyeliner and eye lash wooshy stuff (don't even know what it's called. Lol) for when I go to work. I wear scrubs to work so I don't dress up.

Otherwise I wear PJs and a sweater. I don't even get dressed to go to the store. I don't care and neither does my husband. He'd rather me naked then in fancy clothes anyways. :)

JΔS Georgia 70886 posts
5th Mar '13

I don't wear make up every day. I'm not one of those girls who NEEDS mascara, eyeliner, foundation etc before they walk out the house. I'm usually put together because at some point, I leave the house pretty much every day. I think I do my make up 3-4 times a week and even then, I don't do the most. Just bb cream, concealer, eyebrows, nude lip, mascara and a little blush. I only do the extras (false lashes, eyeshadow, contouring/highlighting) for special occasions.

Whitney*JAS*BMM* 2 kids; Texas City, Texas 12660 posts
5th Mar '13

I usually am in just jeans, tshirt and some tennis shoes, but i have to get up everyday to take Coralynn to school. I do my makeup if i have time. i never do my hair, its usually in a pony tail, down or in a twisted braid thingy. But i dont know how to do my hair and usually its doesnt stay if i try to do something.

Main reason I do not dress up. I don't have the wardrobe and I hate shopping for myself. I feel that everything looks terrible so i dont buy it and just do the whold jeans and tshirt thing. Its what i know i look good in.

Hy'ska 2 kids; Washington 50677 posts
5th Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Man. Bear. Pig.:</b>" AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT! ;) You always look amazing though."</blockquote>

Pshh I make time for that!

Plus its my 10-15 minutes of quiet time with the bathroom door locked lol

Freespirit Due August 29; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Michigan 3353 posts
5th Mar '13
Quoting Man. Bear. Pig.:" For normal day to day life, do you put make up on, put on nice clothes etc, even if you're just staying ... [snip!] ... even care. I feel like I "owe" it to him to look nice for him, but at the same time, I figure why bother if he doesnt care?"

oh I'm a hot mess as well. I barely ever dress up. Maybe for weddings and thats about it. My husband actually prefers me in jeans and a t-shirt. I'm also one of those girls who hates putting on makeup..

aneyeinthesun 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Washington 16240 posts
5th Mar '13

Since I'm a SAHM, I'm normally in lounge pants, a sports bra, and tank top/ hair is up, I at least comb my eyebrows, and have chopstick on lol. if we're going out to eat, or out to do some errands or something, I wear jeans and normally a tank with a cardigan, I do something that involves more effort with my hair, and wear makeup.

Nameless Ghoul 2 kids; Sweden 6452 posts
5th Mar '13

I go to school 3 days a week so I always fix my hair and make up then and of course whenever DH, the girls, and I go out on the weekends. Usually if I'm just running a quick errand or something I'll just fix my hair and eyebrows, and put on some jeans and a shirt.

624582 Neilton, Washington 9312 posts
6th Mar '13

I wouldn't say dressed up, but presentable yet comfortable. My hair is extremely short right now so it takes very little to do it.

Everyday I use an itty bit of concealer under my eyes, powder my face, and put on some mascara, and I usually fill in my eye brows. I shave every other day, use self tanner once a week, and paint my toes. When I go out I highlight, contour, do my eye shadow and use liquid liner. Even then I wouldn't say I'm dolled up, I still look pretty plain, IMO.

At home I wear yoga pants, pj pants, shorts and a t shirt.

My husband doesn't care. Actually getting dolled up was something we used to argue about when we first got together. Since getting dolled up was a part of my job I did it every day out of habit. He doesn't understand why women dye their hair, get their nails done, paint their toes, or cake on make up. He loves natural women. The only thing he cares about is good hygiene and good posture, lol.

♥ laura-marie + 1 1 child; Stalybridge, United Kingdom 1334 posts
6th Mar '13

I have to have my hair and make up on nearly everyday because im a beautician.
their rule is you have to be fully made up.
if I look a mess no one will want me to do beauty treatments on them.
because of this I feel wierd if I have no make up on lol maybe once a week I have no make up on and I dont like it so usually at some point i'll put some on.
Even if it's at night just before my boyfriend comes home lol

TheSugarComa 19 kids; Joliette, Quebec 11163 posts
6th Mar '13

I do my hair and make-up every time I have playdates for the kids or go out to the store. It keeps me somewhat sane lol.

LayLu 17 kids; Virginia 4007 posts
6th Mar '13

I wear makeup every day, even when I'm not doing anything, and I don't like staying in my PJs all day. If I do, I at least shower and put some clean PJs/comfy clothes on. Now I will put PJs on the second I get home from work (unless we have stuff to do), but that's about it. This could all change once I have my daughter, though..

user banned Lesbos, Greece 95211 posts
6th Mar '13

I do. I feel like I have more energy when I get all dressed up and wear makeup.

user banned Lesbos, Greece 95211 posts
6th Mar '13

Right now, I'm in some sweats and a hoodie but after I drop the kids off at the sitter, I'll come home and shower. Then I'll get dressed and do my makeup.


Sugarhiccup LLC 5 kids; Lahaina, Hawaii 2825 posts
6th Mar '13

When I worked I did the full face every day and what I call mommy makeup ( eyebrows, mascara, nude lips, blush, maybe concealer depending on how I felt) on my days off. Since becoming a sham no. If I'm just hanging around the house all day I see it as a waste of my time. These days when I run errands all I do is mommy makeup. I'm enjoying my year off as a sahm before I go back and have to be dolled up every day.

Starr Metcalfe 3 kids; Kentucky 504 posts
6th Mar '13

I don't wear make up at all. Anywhere. Ever. Barely wore any to my own wedding.
I will straighten or curl my hair occasionally when we're going somewhere, but never just to cook, clean and take care of the kids at home.
I only put on jeans and a decent shirt when leaving the house. Otherwise it's PJ pants and a big (probably stained) tshirt.

My kids don't care, and neither do I. lol I look like a bum most of the time when i go out too. Just a tshirt and jeans and a ponytail 7 times out of 10. I shower daily and am clean, I just have no desire to dress in anything that's not comfy and easy to get stuff done in.