When to pack? & Questions too s00nt0be04 4 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 543 posts
5th Mar '13

Normally, when getting ready for L & D I had my bags packed at 35 weeks. Just because I never knew if I'd end up in labor early or anything, but when I had my other children it wasn't "warm" or "spring like weather" out, so I am lost on what to pack for me to come home in. I know the usual such as: toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, slippers, socks, robe, night clothes, pads (since I don't care for the hospital ones), comfy supportive bra(s), and that's about it other than my laptop and chargers. *Feel free to suggest anything else FYI my hospital stay will be 3-4 days long (c section)*.

LO has the following in his bag (which is packed and ready to go): 2 outfits (1 for his pictures and 1 to come home in-should I pack a sleepy for him to come home in in case weather is kinda windy out?), bottles (in case we make an unexpected stop), wipe container with wipes, diapers (though the hospital will give us extra). No receiving blanket ( haven't washed them and the hospital will give us some as well).

Questions: We have bought a majority of his clothes nothing above 3 months for now, but I was thinking we didn't buy any sleepers- partially due to lack of thinking and it will be warm when he is here so not sure if I should. This is my first summer/spring baby so not really sure what to buy clothes wise.

This will be the longest 9 week wait of my life! His bed and bedding is set up. Still need a few items but have the following: 8 oz bottles (4 pack)-should that be enough? I don't want to over buy items like I did with my other children and not use them or LO not wear them. Diaper Genie, diapers sizes NB and 1, wipes, 4 oz bottles (3 pack). Onsies (2-5 packs). Travel System.

What would be good to use at a ball park with LO or needed (DS and DH both play and will be there a lot during the summer? When is too soon to have LO visit the ball park? Or is after I heal completely from stitches okay?