Horrible pain in side... Platypus Due March 17; 1 child; Massachusetts 2633 posts
6th Mar '13

On my left side, i've been getting this burning aching pain where I think my intestines are.. I went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, and they took an X ray and said it was constipation... So that resolved itself, but weeks later, I now have diarrhea and the cramping,burning, aching pain is so much worse now.. I feel run down and gross.. This has happened a few times before. I dont have a doctors appointment for another week, so im not sure what to do, or what this could be.. I know it sounds like IBS, but im nervous that is diverticulitis or something along those lines =-/

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
6th Mar '13

Sometimes you can have diarrhea if there's a blockage in your intestines...your stool becomes watery to get around the blockage. So you could have an impaction; I would see your doctor.