College majors Leanna+2 2 kids; Texas 817 posts
6th Mar '13

Just wondering if anyone here majored in or know anyone that majored in:
Logistics and Supply Chain Management ?
I need to pick a major fast. I already have all my basics completed and now I'm just taking random classes until I pick my major. I've always liked packing and shipping things. I worked as a truck unloader/stocker at Target for three years and I loved doing that. I also sold on eBay for awhile and I loved that, as well. I also like that you can get a job at basically any company with this degree. I just don't know if it will pay enough and I'm not sure if I would get bored with it.
I would want to major in logistics and minor in real estate b/c I have always been interested in real estate.
My dream job would be to work in the nursery at the hospital but my current college doesn't even have a nursing program.
I have also always wanted to adopt a child and I've been really interested in adoption lately. I plan to adopt in five years. I've been thinking about becoming a social worker and help people adopt.
I have no idea what I should do...and I need to decide now. :(

MommyToWesley 1 child; Delaware 3847 posts
6th Mar '13

If your dream job is a nurse.. can you not transfer to a college with a nursing program?

s00nt0be04 4 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 543 posts
6th Mar '13

Personally, I would go with either the social work or Logistics because those jobs won't go anywhere. Especially, living in TX there is tons of kids in and out of he system and people who don't care about it. I wouldn't do real estate just because it isn't picking up as fast as people thought or predicted it to be. Good Luck momma.