day care? Summer+[two] 2 kids; Louisiana 727 posts
7th Mar '13

How did your child take to transferring from being home all the time to daycare full time? They will be there from 8-5 mon thru friday. Im going tour the daycare monday. They have the webstreaming cameras to where I can watch them on the internet. Im just so worried they are going to hate it :( its also going to be hard for me because bedtime is 8 and we wont get home til like 6 everyday. Can someone give me their experience?

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
7th Mar '13

My daughter went at 1 and she loved it. She only went for a few months because then I got laid off and stayed at home but she did wonderful.

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status 7th Mar '13

my son started daycare at 3. he did cry at drop off for a good 2-3 months but i knew within 10 minutes he was fine (they had the cameras too) so thats why i felt fine leaving. yea it was sad to see him cry and want you but i knew he was in good hands and was just doing it to get something out of me, seeing if i would give in. HOWEVER i learned when daddy would drop him off, he would be fine! i liked where his room was too because they had windows to look out where i parked, so he would wave bye to me every morning which helped too

Summer+[two] 2 kids; Louisiana 727 posts
7th Mar '13