I love him :) Elena Gilbert 4 kids; La Center, KY, United States 2730 posts
8th Mar '13

every since punky was a baby after every bath I would wrap him the towel and on the way out of the bathroom i would stop at the mirror where we both could see in and i would make faces or smile and kiss him. and as he got older he started doing it to. Now he will be 3 on the 30th. and after every bath time we stop in the mirror to make faces or smile. and i guess i got so used to it that i dont notice we still did it. and this morning after bath I wrapped him in the towel and put himd down to walk to the room. so i could get the bath ready for DD. and he said. uhh MOMMY pick me up so we can see! I really dont know why I even started doing that with him. and I didnt think it would be so special to him for us to do it. but Im glad and it melts my heart that he looks forward to doing that silly little thing with me.


this is the most recent of him(on photobucket anyway)


((-We Did It!-)) 1 child; 1 angel baby; Iowa 659 posts
8th Mar '13

Aww! He's so full of cuteness!

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
8th Mar '13

Awe so sweet. What a little cutie!
And I know what you mean. I love that the silly random stuff I do with my babies is the stuff that is so meaningful to them. It's like I try to create certain cherished memories with them, ie:: always eating as a family, family movie nights on Fridays, traditions that they can carry on and remember fondly, you know? But I can't help what means the most to them. It's so cute.

Zepplin's Mommy :) 1 child; Magnolia, Delaware 911 posts
8th Mar '13

awww me and my son do the same thing!! :) sometimes ill take pictures to i love it :)