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8th Mar '13


CRSx2Mommy 18 kids; North Carolina 3475 posts
8th Mar '13

Yes I do believe it's personal. There isn't anything mandating saying they can't be used to the best of my knowledge. I used the mesh ones until DS was 13 months and then put the regular ones in there :)

Household 6 2 kids; Columbus, Georgia 17761 posts
8th Mar '13

I think it's a personal choice, but recommendations say you shouldn't use them at all I believe. That being said, we used them the whole time DD was in a crib (with the exception of a couple of nights). I did the research and it was what I was comfortable with for our situation.

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status 8th Mar '13

It's personal choose but The American Academy of Pediatrics and SIDS prevention groups say they aren't safe not even the mesh ones. We never used then DD never got stuck.

AwkwardTurtle 34 kids; Syracuse, NY, United States 2085 posts
8th Mar '13

SIDS safety guide lines say no blankets, toys, stuffed animals or bumpers in a crib.

I got a breathable bumper, since I didnt get a "set" I just got random color matching sheets and the bumper and called it a day.

The reason it says to take it out when they can pull up is so escape artists cant use them as leverage to swing a leg up over the rail.

I♥RYLEIGH Due November 1; 1 child; 4 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10478 posts
8th Mar '13

Thanks everyone :)

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8th Mar '13

I have 4 kids and I always have used bumpers. Personal choice. Whatever works best for you and your family. I personally have never had an issue.

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8th Mar '13

AAP says no bumpers. I put them in my crib when my son was activly rolling in his sleep. He would get his arm stuck and wake up crying because he couldnt get it out. I think he was about 6 months old, crawling and extremely mobile and active. For me, I didnt want to use them prior to that because he could have rolled his face towards one and not be able to roll away. He is 15 m/o now and I just took them out since he kinds of uses them as a step stool to try and climb out. If bumpers worry you, you could look at those breathable mesh bumpers that are just used to prevent baby from getting arms and legs stuck in the slats. A lot of people gave me a hard time for using mine but in the end, I feld that my son was mobile enough to have them.

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8th Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting S+K=R [36 WEEKS!]:</b>" It says on the tags for my bumpers from the crib set we purchased that they should be taken out once ... [snip!] ... to if you use bumpers or not? Like if you feel comfortable? I'm assuming so because majority of crib sets come with bumpers.."</blockquote>

I think it's personal. I used breathable bumpers when Logan started moving because without them he would get his legs stuck in the sides of the crib. I ended up switching back to the bumper from his bed set when he would start banging his head on the crib trying to stand. It helped but now he uses it for height to try to climb out of his crib. They're coming off this weekend. Lol