Autism/Custody Q user banned
8th Mar '13

BD has never met DS. Complete strangers to each other.

He had filed for visitation or custody, I'm not sure which.

Considering that they've never seen each other and my son is special needs - Will the court take that into consideration and do some sort of transition before he's allowed to be around him alone?

Now the autism Q: How do I explain this to DS? He calls my dad "dad" & "daddy" and that's all he knows. How do I explain that his dad isn't really his dad, that this stranger is his dad? He has VERY little comprehension and has trouble processing information.


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8th Mar '13

You know your son.. just use your mom skills and explain.... however he calls your dad his dad? are you still his mom to him?

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8th Mar '13

:shock: WUT?! 4 years later and that f****r wants something to do with K? WTF... Oh hellz no!