Think Bαby 17 kids; Nevada 3635 posts
9th Mar '13

If I'm ever blessed with another child, I won't find out!

Monsters² Mom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Dahlgren, VA, United States 4686 posts
9th Mar '13
Quoting Noelandchase:" We decided to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex of the baby. I have heard that it was ... [snip!] ... the best thing ever.. Just wondering if anyone else loved this idea and how did you plan for the baby after he or she was here?"

We waited until DD was born to find out the sex. At 20 weeks the tech told me it looked like a girl but she couldn't tell for sure and because both of my nephews were supposed to be nieces I didn't believe her.
I knew from the beginning DD would be a girl, but everybody in my family thought she would be a boy. We got gender neutral everything except for two family friends bought me two girl outfits and a pink crocheted blanket.
At her birth I wound up with a c-section and as they were pulling her out I heard them say "oh boy" so I was kind of freaking out that my motherly instincts were wrong about her being a girl and a few minutes later they said "it's a girl!" and then the nurse was like "oh boy" again and I guess DD had peed on her twice during the extraction which is why she kept saying "oh boy" lol

mommy5916 Due October 12; 5 kids; California 2877 posts
9th Mar '13

we dont know what this baby is! this is our 5th and last. we tried to find out at about 19 weeks,but we had the scan done at one of those 3d places, (we never had a dr or professional one doen) and at first the lady said girl, then she said boy. and the pics she tok weren't that good, and we couldn't tell either way. not to mention we found out latter lol that the tech wasnt a real tech, but rather trained on the job! lol we decided that, that would be our only scan, our midwife doesnt do them, and isnt a fan of too many. so we opted to wait it out! we bought 2 outfits one girl one boy, for right after the birth. if its a boy were pretty set, i just had a son 19 mons ago, and i actually have 3 boys already. if its a girl then were not so lucky lol my only daughter is now 9 and i didnt save anything from her! good luck and ive found that taking old wives tales quizzes and checking out Chinese charts have helped me pass the time! 5-7 weeks and we meet our lil person!

Can't wait till april Due April 4; 1 child; Florida 270 posts
9th Mar '13

I'm won't find out the gender of my baby till I give birth..... I can't freaking wait

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
9th Mar '13

We did it twice!!

First baby was held up by the midwife and I got to yell "ITS A BOY!!!"

With our second we really wanted a girl because we already had our son. All through the pregnancy I had strong feelings baby was a girl.

Then when I was in the hopsital overnight before I was induced I had all boy feelings. I just knew there was no way I would be lucky enough to get one of each sex.

When baby was born and placed on my chest I looked down and the umbilical cord was in the way. I yelled "WHAT DID I GET?" lol. The midwife (and everybody else) laughed. Then I bawled my eyes out when she told me "ITS A GIRL!!"

We just bought one take-home outfit for each sex. And then a weeks worth of neutral pajamas and onsies. After the kids were born we got tons of stuff bought for us because we didnt have ababy shower. It worked out perfect and we loved doing it that way!!

We dont plan on having any more kids but if we do we will wait again!

hjfkdlfhjaklfhjdkla California 1211 posts
10th Mar '13

We are doing the same thing this time!! I am so excited!! I've always wanted a surprise, but hubby wanted to know really badly with the first two... (I wanted to know too, but was still entertaining the idea of a surprise). This time since we already have a boy and a girl, we had no reason not to have a "surprise." I plan on making sure all my boy and girl newborn clothes/blankets/etc are washed and ready, and whatever we don't need we'll just put away. I have a going home outfit for a boy, and one for a girl so we're set with that too. :)