Toddler and newborn It's so Fluffayy! Due March 17; 19 kids; Texas 4279 posts
10th Mar '13

Best way to get my 16 month old used to a newborn? I'm due in a week and am just nervous because he is a huge mama's boy and since I'll be occupied caring for the newborn I don't want him to feel left out. My oldest 2 were 2 years apart so it was much easier to transition them. Thanks ladies!

mom2hailey&leah&aria 3 kids; Florida 1280 posts
10th Mar '13

My two oldest are 19months apart. What I did is once the baby was born I let Hailey(my oldest) help out a lot. She was a big mommas girl but we didn't have much problem with bringing a new baby into the mix. I let her help with diaper changes, baths, etc. by basically having her hand me stuff or go get stuff. With diaper changes she loved helping by throwing the dirty diapers away. She also loved picking out outfits.

Angela Nichols 2 kids; California 464 posts
10th Mar '13

mine are 18 months apart. My daughter was/is great form day one. She is still very much a baby herself so I was worried. we just tell her to "be nice". She tries to help when he cries by giving him his paci ( sometimes backwards. lol) and telling him " you ok, no cry, no cry" We have 3 dogs and a cat, so we just tell her the same thing regaurdign the baby that we did/do for the pets. She also like to help give brother his bath. I was shocked she didnt' care when he nurses. She no longer nurses, but she thinks they are her boobies. lol still plays with them when she is upset or tired.