Coming home outfit for summer baby? Household 6 2 kids; Columbus, Georgia 17761 posts
Mar 10th '13

What did you dress your baby in when you came home from the hospital (if you had a hospital or birth center birth) during the summer? It'll probably be about 100 here when we come home. I'm thinking just like a sunsuit with an A+A blanket over her? A long sleeved sleeper just seems like overkill, but we'll have the AC going in the car, so I'm torn.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Mar 10th '13

A 1 piece out fit with light blanket would be fine.

Piecey. 4 kids; Worms, RP, Germany 68186 posts
status Mar 10th '13

It was over 100 when we took L home. He wore a little summer outfit and a blanket in the car.

CerealMakerWife♥ TTC since Apr 2013; 5 kids; Ukraine 36287 posts
Mar 10th '13

It was like 104 the day Olivia came home. She was in a super light sleeper and fine, but the car had the a/c on of course and our house is always under 74.

Bogey Woman 2 kids; Fort Irwin, California 1892 posts
Mar 10th '13

My son was born in June and for him I did a short sleeved onesie, mittens, and a pair of socks. He was just fine :)

♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12370 posts
Mar 10th '13

DS had a really cute romper that he was going to wear... But it was a newborn size and way too small for him at birth.
So he wore a monkey onesie and shorts. In the car I put a light blanket over him.

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Mar 10th '13

just a cute onsie and pants. Or a one piece. somthing that isn't going to rub against the stub too much.