really bummed out over a period moonlit orchid Japan 1 posts
10th Mar '13

I was 2 weeks late, testing every first dreading a BFP because it was my BFs idea to TCC, not mine. Then I realized the feeling had changed from dread to hope waiting for my results....all BFNs. And wondering, could the pregnancy tests be wrong? Some kind of freak pregnancy where all the tests are negative yet the US reveals a bun in the oven or something. I tell my BF I get my period, he who was excited, telling me how much he wants a baby right now, is now relieved I am not pregnant, while I'm sad about it. My reasons were messed up for wanting another baby and he changed his mind. I keep telling myself its for the best, that our relationships doomed anyway. I think its over after this. I will continue my life and focus on raising my child. Forget this desire for another baby.

allison erin Due May 18; 1 child; Olympia, Washington 12783 posts
10th Mar '13

Maybe he was just saying he was relieved because he sensed you weren't ready. He could be curbing his emotions to be supportive of your wants.

Talk to him. The best time to TTC is when you are both on board. That way, you can be up front with each other on your want/needs.

I'm sorry you are bummed!