late baby kicks? StraightFromTheTap 2 kids; Houghton Lake, MI, United States 935 posts
10th Mar '13

This is my second pregnancy. I'm going to be 18 weeks on Tuesday.
With my son, I felt flutters/kicks at 16 weeks..but this time I'm almost 18 weeks and nothing. :/

Has this happened to anyone else?
I'm the same weight I was with the first pregnancy as well. I bounced back fairly quick.

MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 46831 posts
10th Mar '13

You could have a front-lying placenta this time. With my last baby my placenta covered the entire front-side of my uterus. I barely felt much movement until closer to 20 weeks.

Allys_mommy 33 kids; Waterloo, New York 1194 posts
10th Mar '13

I didnt feel anything regular til i was almst 24 weeks with my DD

K+S=G&R 2 kids; Indiana 3370 posts
10th Mar '13

My son (my first) I started feeling flutters at 15 weeks! Im 25 weeks pregnant with number two now.. & didnt start feeling her till around 20 weeks. Found out I have an anterior placenta & thats what caused the delay.

hjfkdlfhjaklfhjdkla California 1214 posts
11th Mar '13

I felt my sons first movements around 15 or 16 weeks... with my daughter, I didn't start feeling her movements and knowing "for sure" that it was her until I was at least 22-24 weeks along. I found out I had an anterior placenta with her early into my second trimester. My dr couldn't find her heart beat with the doppler... it was concerning to him because he could usually find it at that point in pregnancy. Ultrasound revealed she was nestled up behind her placenta. lol

StraightFromTheTap 2 kids; Houghton Lake, MI, United States 935 posts
11th Mar '13

Okay that must be it. I had an anterior with my son, but he was also extremely active. Always kicked the doppler whenever the dr was taking his heartbeat lol.

This placenta is anterior as well, but the baby might be nuzzled right up behind it. And maybe not as active as my son.

Even now I can't get him to sit still for 30 seconds lol.

motherofboys 3 kids; Milton-Freewater, Oregon 2263 posts
11th Mar '13

With my first the placenta was off to the right, and slightly forward. I don't know if that affected my ability to feel him move or if he was much of a mover but I didn't feel him moving until 22 weeks, my second I felt at 11 weeks, it felt as if someone was giving my belly butterfly kisses. I'm 12 weeks this time and so far I've felt nothing but gas, so, it's different every time.