Not tellin 3 kids; Montana 55982 posts
16th Mar '13
Quoting Destinite:" Yes, it has gone up dramatically. My DED used top be $500 per person. Now, it's like $1500 per person."

You can thank Obamacare for that.

Destinite TTC since May 2011; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Florida 30892 posts
17th Mar '13
Quoting Not tellin:" You can thank Obamacare for that."

Oh yes!! For sure.

❥New Beginnings Due September 2; TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; California 16189 posts
27th Mar '13

I'm curious as how people feel with this situation?

My Family is Native American So my daughter and I get free health care (SO has to pay for his) We wouldn't be able to afford private insurance for DD and I because it would be around $200/bi weekly through SO's work. However since we're are Native everything is covered.

Is it (in your opinion) wrong for us to be TTC?

❥New Beginnings Due September 2; TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; California 16189 posts
27th Mar '13

Also what about this scenario?

I had a friend that couldn't afford regular insurance but CA offered a low cost insurance (I think it's called healthy families and cost around 20/month)
I mean it's nowhere near what others pay for their insurance but she is paying something... is it wrong if she decided to TTC? (IYO)

NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6263 posts
29th Mar '13
Quoting Red Bottom:" So this came up in another thread yesterday and I figured it's be a good debate. Do you think it's ... [snip!] ... my lack of insurance get in the way of becoming a mother." Do you think that's a valid excuse? Share. Debate. Yada yada yada."

Yep, valid because the way healthcare is run in your country is freakin' ridiculous.

Sweet lullaby Dearborn Heights, Michigan 30436 posts
31st Mar '13

Since I think insurance should be free, I don't think its a big deal. Food stamps and other help, Yeah maybee, But I personally don't like to judge someone else. Its not my place.