Someone.. Help, Ease my mind maybe? Zombielicous 1 child; Edmonton, Alberta 156 posts
11th Mar '13

Hello all

I noticed a couple days ago the pain ive been going through keeps presisting, Im at work in camp and have no way to a hospital or have a nurse or doctor on site that would beable to determine this pain. This is something Ive experienced more then a couple times in the past.

My LOWER adominal area hurt like a b***h when I stretched back, This pain has been going on for about 4 days on and off with mild like cramping. Up until a few minutes ago when i stretched caused me to shed some tears.

Now I havent gotten my period either in about 3 months, but this has also been a problem, Ive delt with before and theres no explenation for it other then of course irregular periods. I dont know weather to think it will just past but its been longer then a couple days, So its starting to worry me :(

P.s I dont go home until Tuesday Evening