made me want twins 1inpink2inblue Switzerland 12375 posts
11th Mar '13

I ended up droping ds2 at my mom's yesterday and taking ds1. To the zoo with my friend and her dd. My ds and het dd are 9 months apart in ahe nut developmentally on the same level. They had so much fun playing together and got along so well. It is so cute. It made me want twins lol. My friend saod it made her want to adopt a kid the same age as her dd. Lol we are crazy.

1inpink2inblue Switzerland 12375 posts
11th Mar '13

Forgive my typing I'm on my phone.

MamaMia_38wks Due August 14 (boy); Newark, Delaware 677 posts
11th Mar '13

My SO is a twin & ever since seeing how cute GabeandJesss's ( Youtube ) twins are I wanted twins before I found out I was pregnant , but as soon as I got my BFP on my HPT that went out the window , I was scared lol