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12th Mar '13

and i'm probably overacting. so this past saturday DH and i attempted to take a space a flight from andrews afb to ft lewis since we're moving there in a month and a half. a space a flight= space available flight, basically u attempt to take a very cheap flight on a military aircraft but its not scheduled and if there's room you go and if there's not room then you don't go. we didn't make roll call, so we didn't go. when we got back to our car, he was like "let's drive to connecticut to visit my family." i was perfectly fine with it. it's supposed to be a 6 hour drive but it turns into an 8 hour drive with our 18 month old and 4 month old. i had absolutely no problem and was glad we could see his family.

we get there on saturday, and everything is going good, we're having fun. sunday same thing. on sunday night his sister (17 years old) asks him to drop her off at school, pick her up, take her to driver's ed, and pick her up. cool, big bro little sis time. monday night same thing, asks him to drop her off and pick her up and dh says fine. now dh and i have not had any kind of one on one time for at least a month. especially since we've all been sick with the norovirus the past 2 weeks. so we lay down around 1:30 and FINALLY get both kids to fall asleep. we were finally about to have the very foreign concept of sex (have had less than a handful of times since our youngest was born) and the phone rings. it's his sister. he totally forgot he was going to pick her up. he puts her on speaker phone and i can hear her friend nagging her to just ride with her. the buses havent even come because it's 1:45 at this point and school gets out at 2, how she called, i dont know. dh asks her if she could just ride the bus because he was trying to take a nap or get a ride from a friend and she starts crying saying that she wants him to pick her up. i just kind of look at him while we're both completely naked and he says "sorry, my baby sister really needs me. maybe we can do this another day." dh jumps out of bed and rushes downstairs, and now our kids are awake again from the commotion. he flees out the door. im pretty annoyed at this. i know that he said he would pick her up, but he has picked her up/dropped her off to school, drivers ed practice 5 different times and we'll be here for 2 more days. jst venting.

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12th Mar '13

Damn hormones. Always make people a b***h for no reason.