another carseat question MyLittleOnes 2 kids; WI, WI, United States 859 posts
12th Mar '13

So for in my SO car we need to fit a RFing carseat, snugride, and a backless booster. He has a blazer so its REALLY narrow back there. Are there any narrow carseats under $100? We use my car more but his older son is here on the weekends and his seat is so small Idk how 3 kids are going to safely fit. I need to be able to get in there with a couple different seats! I'm stressing...also I just read online (need to check his manual) his center seat can't secure a carseat.

Charlee ♥ Jensen 3 kids; Iowa 56325 posts
12th Mar '13

Go to Babies R Us! They allow you to try out car seats in your car, that way you can see what seat fits.

Really it's hard to say what car seat will work because fitting 3 car seats in the back is like a puzzle. You have to find the right car seats and put them in different spots in the back to see which works and what doesn't

KillerMombie 3 kids; Belle Chasse, Louisiana 28282 posts
12th Mar '13

For the Backless booster a Bubble Bum would probably work really well. As far as narrow rf seats under 100, Cosco seats are usually pretty narrow.