opinions?? *~AngelEyes~* 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 10522 posts
12th Mar '13

I have a question for all you mommies... what would cause ear and headache, an obvious infection i know. My son, 4 years old; has been running fever all day. It was 100.1 earlier, so I give him Tylenol (bc his head was hurting...) checked it again, it was 99.7... well, just about 45 minutes ago, I gave him another dose of Tylenol... just checked it again, its 101.7... what kind of infections could be causing this?? And yes, I already have a doctor's appointment set for him for tomorrow... that's the earliest they could get him in. He says he feels bad, but here and there he's up and playing, but otherwise, he won't really eat. (I fixed him some sausage for breakfast and he wouldn't eat it... he loves sausage!!)

summerbabyX2 2 kids; Pennsylvania 4019 posts
12th Mar '13

my DD had a fever and headache yesterday (I felt the same way) and then today nothing. I still have a lingering headache but I think it's a weird virus

hiswifetheirmama TTC since Jun 2012; 34 kids; Michigan 215 posts
12th Mar '13

Ear infection? Hope he feels better soon.

Aman dua Bremen, Georgia 585 posts
status 12th Mar '13

sinus infections give me earaches even when my ears are not infected.

*~AngelEyes~* 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 10522 posts
12th Mar '13

I sure hope its something he can kick soon, I don't like my baby being so whiny and (while I love this part, yeah...) clingy. He refused to sleep alone last night, and we don't have the room in our bed to let him sleep with us comfortably... but this morning when I went to the store, he climbed up in the bed with his daddy and passed right out lol. He's asleep now, or at least was when I left my mom's. They are takin him to the doc in the AM bc I can't miss my appointment with my OB. (I made the appointment without even thinking of the time lol) but I'll keep y'all updated.