Dang you first response fertility test!!! Kynlees MommyTTC TTC since Jan 2012; Japan 1 posts
12th Mar '13

My husband and I have been TTC baby #2 for 2 years now. We had NO problem getting pregnant with our daughter (she is 3) and the one before her (we lost it at 6 weeks) Both took ONE month to get pregnant. I had normal 28 day cycles and ovulated on CD 12-13. Now i have regular 25 day cycles and still ovulate on CD 12-13 (the months that i charted, i just use OPKS most the time). I had a HSG test 2 months ago and i only have one tube. (took it when i was 5 weeks pregnant with my daughter) So the ONE tube i do have is clear. I was going to try Soy Isoflavones this cycle cause i just feel like my ovulation is not as strong as it use to be (by temps mostly) I was in the store and say the first response fertility test and i took it this morning on CD3 and it said i have elevated FSH the test line looked the same as the control line -__- so im 21 years old and im running out of eggs? and/or dont have good eggs? UGH what the heck im STRESSING now... I got a appointment with a new doctor the 28th this month, but i did take the soy isoflavones anyway, 80mg for CD 3-7... any one take this fertility test and it be wrong???