9hrs of labor and a c section later baby boy is here. mommajay09 2 kids; Indiana 106 posts
12th Mar '13

On march 11 my water broke at 37 wks. On march 12 at 6:02 am my little family of 3 became a complete beautiful family of 4. Still amazed at how perfect he is!

*KatteyBug* Due November 18; 1 child; Hazel Green, AL, United States 1604 posts
12th Mar '13

Congrats! :) can't wait to hear your whole birth story!

Two Princesses 2 kids; San Pedro, CA, United States 7196 posts
12th Mar '13

Congrats. :)

mommajay09 2 kids; Indiana 106 posts
13th Mar '13

Thank you both. My story is crazy lol. It actually started Thursday of last week. I went into labor and they stalled me til Monday morning. Came back in Monday nurses told me i had to go back home til my water broke and no sooner. I went home and at 9:30 that night my water broke. Got my epidural around 12:30 Tuesday morning at 5:45 i could feel everything in my butt. (Tmi but they said it was because he was face up and my bowels had been backed up since since last Wednesday). My doctor suggested a c section because she did not think i could physically or mentally handle it. At that point we prepped for c section. The last thing i remember is being transferred to the operating table. According to my husband i could feel her a little to well during so they completely knocked me out. Then cane the worst part i came to in a tiny dark room all alone. Of course i was screaming where am i for what felt like forever til a nurse came in. She finally came in and had no idea if my baby was ok or where my husband was. Then they loaded me with morphine and i woke up in another room. My husband finally found me and showed me pictures of my son. I had him 6hrs earlier and still had not seen him. But all is well now he is perfect big brother loves him and daddy is wrapped around his finger.