Possible ectopic pregnancy on right ovary KaytZombie Malvern, Ohio 36 posts
13th Mar '13

Last night, I began spotting brown blood & had brown vaginal discharge. I went to the ER. They drew blood & took a urine sample. It came back that I was dehydrated. My HCG level was in the 5,000s. I am around 6w2d pregnant. They did a regular ultrasound & a vaginal ultrasound. They saw a sac in my uterus but it was empty & they THINK but they're not 100% that they spotted a fetus growing on my right ovary. I'm just wondering if anyone else has went through this & the doctor's ended up being wrong & they went on to deliver a healthy baby. The OB at the hospital told me that I should have more blood tests on friday to see if my levels have doubled at all. She said there is still hope for this pregnancy to be viable but I'm terrified. :'(

They call me mama. 18 kids; La Verne, California 3222 posts
13th Mar '13

Yup my 2 week old was supposedly in my left ovary...I went in for spotting as well. They even tried to get me to take the pill that would make me reabsorb him. SOOOO glad I didn't listen.... turns out it was just a cyst that appeared to be a baby.

Amber n dave Due August 28; 3 kids; Wisconsin 2589 posts
status 13th Mar '13

I had a similar experience. I was believed to be around 6 weeks and when I had an us they seen sac but no baby. The most horrible part was I just had to wait until my 10 week ob checkup to find out if the baby was there turned out I was just about a week off and the baby was just fibe

mama1821 Due July 2 (girl); 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 1265 posts
13th Mar '13

it may be too early to detect anything but at least there is a sac in your uterus. i would not worry so much about the supposed baby on the ovary, it could just be a bigger corpus luteum. for now, go back for the blood tests and have them do another ultrasound before you make any decisions. good luck.