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Mar 15th '13

Like the other ladies have said, the text alone is not a big deal. But the money, and the truck thing bother me. Even the phone calls I could let go, but the main thing is the money. You mess with my money and I'm going to mess with you. Ijs. Especially when it's messed to the point of overdrafting? Hell no. I'd absolutely bring that up.

I like the idea of calling the number, especially since you say it seems familiar. Did you try Googling it? Sometimes it will come up with a name that way. But if you do call, I wouldn't call from your phone/or I'd block my number with *67 although some people won't answer a blocked call. If you block the number and they don't answer then maybe you can hear a voicemail greeting or something. Update us with whatever you find out! Good luck!