should i be worried? MamaBaer 1 child; Minnesota 97 posts
14th Mar '13

My LO has had a cough for a couple days. Just every now and then and not to severe so I'm not to worried about it. But for the last 2 feedings she vomited everything back up both times. She also has been getting really stuffy noses. I clean out her nose and not even 10 min later its stuffy again. And also has been having blood in her boogies and I'm not even sticking the nose sucker in her nose, just on the putter edge of the nostrils. She's also been having bad eye boogies. Her nose boogies are a white/yellow color. Her eye boogies are the same. She doesn't have a fever. Should I take her to the doc?
also 2 days ago my mom watched her and my little brother just got done being sick with a cough and fever and throwing up

user banned 1 child; 1 angel baby; Japan 930 posts
14th Mar '13

IMO you should always take your LO to the doctor when they are sick even just to make sure it isn't something serious like RSV.

Kimmy Gibbler 2 kids; Grapevine, Texas 8039 posts
14th Mar '13

Yeah, I'd take her.

MamaBaer 1 child; Minnesota 97 posts
14th Mar '13

Made an appointment for tomorrow. He was full for today. Wish I could have gotten her in today. Ty ladies :)

Kayla and Baby Landyn Due November 22; 1 child; Ohio 159 posts
14th Mar '13

sounds like rsv!! definitely get checked!!!!

jessies mum 1 child; London, United Kingdom 109 posts
14th Mar '13

jess had that. it turned out to be a chest infection :(