Why won't she sleep Jeeper 1 child; Orlando, Florida 2287 posts
14th Mar '13

DD is 7 months old. She just finally, after 3 months of ear and respiratory infections, got a clean bill of health. Now she refuses to sleep. She just cries and cries and cries because she is so tired. She is waking up every hour to half an hour at night and not napping during the day. She is not sick she is fed she is changed and she isn't in any pain she has just started not sleeping for some reason. Her pediatrician said its a phase it will pass but being a single mom I need sleep at some point too. How can I get her to sleep. I can't take it anymore she just won't sleep

Jessica X 2 kids; Colorado 51 posts
14th Mar '13

She could be teething already..?

meℓissa♡ 1 child; ,, CA, United States 17732 posts
14th Mar '13

I highly recommend "The Sleep Lady's" book... it's awesome. It explains that babies and toddlers need help learning how to fall asleep and stay asleep and gives great tips on how to do it.

Jeeper 1 child; Orlando, Florida 2287 posts
14th Mar '13
Quoting Jessica X:" She could be teething already..? "

She has 4 teeth already and has 2 more coming in. I wish that was her issue because that I can deal with but it isn't she started this recently after getting off heavy antibiotics for a severe ear infection. I took her to the doctor and the doctor said its something that babies sometimes do and it will pass but after 2 weeks of little to no sleep and no help I am at the end of my rope I can't handle it anymore. I feel like a bad mom when I think about dumping her off with her dad and saying you made her you raise her and leaving just so I can sleep for a few hours. I am so tired I want to cry :(

girlnextdoor California 14 posts
15th Mar '13

First of all, you aren't a bad ARE an exhausted mom. Going without sleep and taking care of a baby is a very difficult combination..and most moms have been there. I posted on a similar thread the other day and thought you might like to read mine as well as the other responses there. I hope this helps. Hugs!`