lonely2day 35 kids; Australia 25 posts
15th Mar '13

Hello I would just like to make a comment but I am not comparing myself or my past to this as I have never had an addiction to hard drugs.

Reading this has made me realise that there are so many different views on drugs and what you should do about it if you have an issue while pregnant. one thing that is very clear and should be to all is that if someone asks for help no matter what circumstances they are in they should be supported and guided without ridicule and put down!!!!! they are taking their first steps just as a baby dose, some can get up and run others take months of baby septs and falling before getting it right we are all different.

You do not scream at a baby for falling over do you?


mama1821 Due July 2 (girl); 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 1265 posts
15th Mar '13
Quoting supa~~fly:" From everything that has been said in this thread alone I am disgusted with this site. Mara created this ... [snip!] ... the help they need yet over half of what has been said in here has been 100% negative and depressing. I am saddened by this. "

i was so saddened by the responses, i just sat here and cried while wishing i could throw my arms around this girl and let her know that some of us out there support her. I have never been an addict but I also know its a disease and not something that can just stop overnight. however, i will do whatever she needs to support her, whether it be an ear to listen, my suggestions if she wants them. im not sure but i felt so sick that people just began trashing her right away.

Jenna Rae 2 kids; Wisconsin 607 posts
15th Mar '13

Good luck. I know you can get through this. You are doing exactly what a good mother does. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I wish the best for you and your baby.

user banned 1 child; Boston, Massachusetts 30985 posts
15th Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sam Lamb:</b>" am praying for you and your baby, my ex-fiance was on heroin around the time we conceived and i am praying ... [snip!] ... and is now clean. Just a thought.. God bless you and get the hell away from wherever you are at and get off that stuff :/"</blockquote>

You can't take suboxone while pregnant. Subutex you can take. She needs more structure and accountability.

Kimberly Ayotte Due May 14 (boy); 1 child; Van Buren, Maine 34 posts
15th Mar '13

Just the simple fact that she's willing to get clean for her baby's sake should be enough for you people to NOT bash her! She came here looking for advice and support. I have never been an addict but I know people who are/where addicts. I know how hard it is to overcome your addictions. I've had family members that had CPS take their kids away because the drugs were more important.

Don't let the negative people get to you. Stay positive focus on you and your baby and getting clean.

To all you haters/basher out there. Remember this one thing. NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Good luck with your pregnancy and I'm praying you are able to get the help you and your baby deserve.

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
16th Mar '13
Quoting Devil's Advocate:" Wow. So many of you ladies are absolutely disgusting. If you can't be helpful, fuck off. Drug addicts ... [snip!] ... Drug addicts need help, not a lecture. She clearly wants to start a better life for her and her child. You can't just quit. "

Some people obviously don't know how bad it is to be addicted to something and don't know the disease. She is obviously trying to change something.

Liv's Mom :: Angie 1 child; 4 angel babies; Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 394 posts
16th Mar '13

What are you addicted to? Any Methadone clinic should be more than happy to help you through this situation. They would get you an appointment ASAP because of your situation. I hate to say this but you'll have to continue to use until you're put on the Methadone. I am friends with a girl who went through this and was addicted to heroin and then got on Methadone and baby is perfectly healthy and developing wonderful. I wish you the best of luck& if you have any questions, please feel free to PT or Private Message me. I am very well educated on this.

denisepoppy Due June 8 (boy); California 1 posts
16th Mar '13

Wow I just had to post. Shame on all of you who had to trash this poor girl! Ignorance abounds...Kudos to the posters who support her and her struggle.

Addiction is truly a crippling disease but one that can be managed and treated successfully. Heroin addiction can be managed during pregnancy. The real danger to the mother and child is in withdrawals. This is why your doctor recommends continuing methadone or subutex during pregnancy, and not stopping cold turkey. Suboxone can not be taken because it contains naloxone, but subutex (buprenorphine) can be safely taken with your doctor's close supervision. Withdrawal symptoms can be treated after the baby is born, but is much too difficult to treat and monitor for during the pregnancy, because withdrawal causes an extreme stress on the body, and an extreme stress on the baby, which will negatively affect the child more so than the drug itself. Also, as another post said, withdrawal may or may not happen. Each baby is different in their response, and this fact should give you some hope that everything will be okay. Your doctor will most likely refer you to a perinatologist to make sure the baby is developing okay. The baby will go to NICU after delivery to monitor for the wdrl symptoms but the nurses and doctors know what to look for and exactly how to treat, and in a matter of time, if there are any withdrawals, the baby will overcome them eventually. It seems weird to continue to use during pregnancy, but trust me, doctors have researched this for years, and it is really the safest way to proceed, for both mom and baby. You will overcome this.

I'm sorry this post is so long but...Stay strong and don't listen to the haters. You have already taken the first step towards a new life. Seek help from whoever you can, NA, methadone clinics, drug addiction specialists, whoever. Research what you can, educate yourself on what to expect. Enjoy your pregnancy, and enjoy your new baby. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

jen black 2 kids; California 2353 posts
16th Mar '13

I have never been an addict before but I have been told that heroin is one of the most violently painful detox you can go through. If it were me, I would get on methadone and ween off of methadone as quickly as possible. You don't want to harm the baby any more than it already could be (in the nicest way possible) I think tht it's great you want to turn your life around but why will it take u so long to get on methadone? Again, I have no idea wht the whole process is. But I wish you the best and I hope you can find yourself in a nice rehab center and drug free before that beautiful baby is here. You are asking for help and that's how you know someone really wants to quit to better themselves. Good luck girlie!