Should baby be kicking down on cervix at 26 weeks??? Mommybump2 Due June 18; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 4 posts
15th Mar '13

My baby has been doin this for a few weeks i have been concerned tells me im fine ...i think im more weeks pregnant is it possible

NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6268 posts
15th Mar '13

Someone just posted about this.. I'm sure you're fine, doubt it means that you're farther along than you think.. baby just hasn't moved into position yet (head down) and maybe it's got long legs lol

Lauralie89 3 kids; Pennsylvania 2244 posts
15th Mar '13

Id say trust what your doctor says

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
15th Mar '13

My daughter started that crap at 19 weeks. So I'd say you're fine.

Amanda.M 2 kids; St Albans, Vermont 890 posts
15th Mar '13

My LO has been doing that all week! I am 20w 5d right now. It is so uncomfortable, but i'd say it is normal.

Jenna1234 1 child; Iowa 543 posts
15th Mar '13

My cervix seemed to be my LO's favorite thing to kick from 18 weeks till about21 weeks. Now she does it every once and a while and Im now 25 weeks. I highly doubt its anything to worry about because if it was Im pretty sure if it was practically everyone would have to worry since everyone I talk to said their kids did the same thing.

Cry Baby 1 child; ........, .., United States 15408 posts
status 15th Mar '13

I'm 27 weeks and she's always kicking or punching my cervix. She will go from feet down to head down, she mostly stays head down and punches it though. Hasn't hurt me or anything during pregnancy so far, just makes it uncomfortable when she does it.

Mommybump2 Due June 18; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 4 posts
15th Mar '13

Thanks for all the nice advice and comments..!!