Today's the day! Catie Lamkin Due March 27 (boy); 2 kids; Mount Washington, Kentucky 47 posts
18th Mar '13

My fluid was low at the Dr today.. So were delivering at 4p with a routine C-section. Im so excited to most my little man. Not looking forward to throwing up. I threw up during my 1st c/s. And i HATE to throw up. Anyone else throw up during c/s?

Juggernog-aholic 4 kids; 2 angel babies; P, AR, United States 20227 posts
18th Mar '13

I've had 3 and never threw up during any of them (2 of them I was awake, one asleep.) But after my last one I did get sick about 45 minutes after.

Aiden,Jared&Olivia's momm 35 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 686 posts
18th Mar '13

Congrats and Good luck...hope u don't throw up.
I threw up during labor with my last 2 and they said it was because of the epi.

[Shelly&Dexter&Felix] 2 kids; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 5190 posts
18th Mar '13

nope. i did shake uncontrollably though. that was a bit crap.
why did you throw up? :(

mom of three 3 kids; Missouri 6192 posts
18th Mar '13

Good luck!!

Catie Lamkin Due March 27 (boy); 2 kids; Mount Washington, Kentucky 47 posts
18th Mar '13

Well with my first i had pre-e. And was on magnesium sulfate. So i think that's what made me sick.. Call me silly, but that's what Im the most nervous about.. lol

Amber {Dylan's momma} 1 child; Lodi, Ohio 1990 posts
18th Mar '13

Congrats and good luck

I threw up during mine, my bp dropped

97Cris & Kev's Mommy57 3 kids; West Palm Beach, Florida 83 posts
18th Mar '13

Good Luck & congratulations, i have never had a c/s so i am no help at that but my due date is a day after yours however i have to wait it out until he is ready.

Bop ✿ 3 kids; Alabama 22508 posts
18th Mar '13

Congrats and good luck!

I've never had a c-section but I hope you don't get sick this time.

lovemylittleladies 2 kids; Michigan 1271 posts
18th Mar '13

Didn't throw up with either of my c-sections. I was extremely nauseous with my second one though. I just told the anesthesiologist and he gave me something for it.

TheyCallMeMOMMY♥ 3 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 6825 posts
18th Mar '13

Ive had 2 c-sections, no throw up. Im praying this one is the same. I do remeember feeling like I was going to throw up, and having a barf bucket shoved in my face but nothing came up.

Good Luck!! Hope all goes smooth!!

Oh and tip, they didnt tell me this the first time I had a c-section, but dont sit up to soon after the sugary. It will make you sick, I was trying to breastfeed my son while laying on my back and I asked to be propped up more and my nurse said it was too soon, Id get sick.