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Mar 19th '13
Quoting BrittanieY:" I have honestly envied people that can just sit down and RELAX. I have a serious inability to do that. ... [snip!] ... and I'm grateful for where I am, I would love to be able to sit down and not feel like I'm being lazy every once in a while."

I feel the same way. During the summer we are always at the park, walking there takes at least half an hour to get there.

During the winter I go stir crazy. Always being indoors. So we usually go to indoor play parks. YAY for them!!

This past winter I have kind of learned to slow down, but I know during the summer It will be go-go-go again. Which is going to be fun

PurpleBama582 52 kids; Dothan, Alabama 3875 posts
Mar 19th '13

I can't do the go-go-go all the time. I am very much a homebody, and my kids pretty much are, too. I like taking them to the park from time to time, but I can't do it every day, maybe once a week.

Ah, Satan! [CNL] f**king, Austria 26232 posts
Mar 19th '13
Quoting SAFFY
Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8236 posts
Mar 20th '13
Quoting Naaxi:" My husband's ex is still "SAHM" even though their children are 16 and 18... Oh, and they live with us, ... [snip!] ... I will be getting a job when my next child is old enough to start school, but that is my choice, I want the extra income again."

what if you didn't need the extra income?

Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8236 posts
Mar 20th '13
Quoting Atticus & Rhys's Mommy:" Personally I would be attending college if my children were in school and I had nothing else to do with ... [snip!] ... preschool 3 times a week and my youngest stays home with me still. I'd get bored out of my mind personally but thats just me."

i take classes also.... that is something I enjoy so i get that.

but as far as someone feeling like they HAVE to "work" that makes no sense to me. Enrich yourself, enjoy yourself but don't work just to feel useful. i don't know just my opinion...
but if working makes you feel better then great! i wouldn't shit on people who don't feel that way. kwim?

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Mar 20th '13
Quoting Ah, Satan! [CNL]:" haha hi! no kidding :) how are you?"

In school now.

Nora is 2. :shock: And I have a 7 year old now. :x