TheyCallMeMOMMY♥ 3 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 6801 posts
18th Mar '13

I used a shield bf'ing my son for 6months. It worked WONDERS!! Some LC's will warn you against them, for some women they can actually decrease milk production. If it hurts at first, try the shield then slowly wean the baby off of it. Im going to try it this time around.

InkDMomma 35 kids; Clinton Township, Michigan 27418 posts
18th Mar '13
Quoting zombie.:" <blockquote><b>Quoting InkDMomma:</b>" I have the big ultrasound next week! I'm nervous ... [snip!] ... I am going to accidentally find out lol"</blockquote> Im telling you have them write it down and mail it to me."

I might do that :D
but then that piece of paper will drive me f**king nuts until I mail it hahaha

zombie. 2 kids; Leadville, Colorado 23606 posts
18th Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting InkDMomma:</b>" I might do that :D but then that piece of paper will drive me f**king nuts until I mail it hahaha"</blockquote>

Take it directly to the post office!!

Hurray! Due April 29; 5 kids; Ohio 980 posts
18th Mar '13

there really is no way to prepare nipples for breastfeeding other than having a baby latch on! Its not like you can toughen them or anything. The thing that causes soreness when bfing is a bad latch. SOmetimes its just something you have to keep working at so that you get better and baby gets better at latching too. Some babies will get it sooner than others.

It best NOT to use nipple shields unless TOTALLY necessary. They can interfere with a good flow and cause baby not to get enough milk. Also the human contact skin to skin is better for baby too. They really should only be used if the nipple because damaged (usually from a bad latch) to where its bleeding and cracked...and then only until you work out your latch issues and the nipple is healed enough to resume.

☠Undead Mommy☠ 1 child; Westerville, Ohio 24561 posts
19th Mar '13

All I have to say is after nursing for a bit. You get nipples of steel even if they are sensitive to begin with lol. But for the few first days,those gel nipple pads,that you can freeze/put in the fridge are awesome