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    • Both bother me equally -- Votes: 34
    • Discrimination against girls bothers me more -- Votes: 1
    • Discrimination against boys bothers me more -- Votes: 3
    • Neither bother me and both are justified -- Votes: 6
Girl suspended from school for SuperMAN outfit -Eva- 1 child; The Lost City of Z, ??, Brazil 48 posts
18th Mar '13

POLL: Does the girl-related headline bother you as much, less, or more than the boy-related one? Or are both justified?
Not a real headline, by the way, tho it's only a matter of time. But what if the headline was that for a change? Not "boy suspended for long hair," or "boy suspended for wearing nail polish/earrings/'girl' clothes." What if the tables were turned?

Those kinds of titles (about boys) seem to provoke a few people, but in general, not much outrage.

Would it be any different if it were a girl being discriminated against for doing/wearing "boy" things? It seems like girls are allowed to do whatever they want, but boys are still forced into little gender-role boxes and that's perfectly okay with most of society.

Princess Celestia +1 1 child; Tallahassee, Florida 3636 posts
18th Mar '13

Both are pretty fucked.

user banned Due November 7 (boy); 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 26853 posts
18th Mar '13

Honestly I think discrimination against boys bother me more. I think the reason for this is because it's more acceptable for a girl to have short hair, love sports, wear "male or female" clothes, but the second a boy paints his nails or wears a dress all hell breaks loose.

Both are awful, but I think boys get the worst of it when it comes to gender stereotypes.

ℕightingale 1 child; Mississippi 7904 posts
18th Mar '13

Both are wrong. I remember in HS we had a couple of boys dressed up as girls and some with make up and purses long hair never had a problem. But god forbid if you wore anything supporting gays you got sent to ALC.

624582 Neilton, Washington 9312 posts
18th Mar '13

I wasn't aware that schools had such policies (short hair on boys, girls can not wear earrings bigger than whatever) until I moved to Texas. Kids had crazy hair colors, safety pins in their ears, one of my guy friends dressed up as a drag queen for Halloween, some girls looked like guys, a lot of kids had tattoos, door knocker hoops were common. It's "normal" where I'm from, I don't see any of it being a big deal for either gender. bothers me equally for both genders.