Anja[VBA2C GRADx2!] 5 kids; Illinois 3578 posts
Mar 20th '13

I always ask my oldest if she wants to but she hasn't felt comfortable with seeing me give birth yet (she's 14 years old) , while I think it'd be a great experience, they don't seem to allow kids under 10-12 years old visit or stay overnight. I usually have my dad and step-mom watch my kids (they LOVE watching my kids, so this is always great lol) so this time they will once again. I usually labor at home until we're sure then I have my dad pick the kids up and take them to their house and we go to the hospital. It worked great last time, should work well this time.

Ashley Desmarais 2 kids; Starbuck, Minnesota 166 posts
Mar 20th '13

when i had dd2 dd1 was there and in the room. she didnt stay the whole time i was in labor her aunt was there and would take her on walks around the hospital but when she heard me she came running.. (i had an all natural birth) she was there for her sister being born and i wouldnt change it for the world.. btw my dd1 was only 2 at the time. i never looked into my hospitals rules and regulations on it. im sure if i wouldnt have been the only one there it may have been different.