my due date is in two days! - Erica - Due March 20 (boy); Rochester, New York 27 posts
19th Mar '13

so my due dates almost here very excited this is my first child just wondering how others were feeling around this time and if there's a chance he will come or will he be late? last night i had lower back pains and i had a lot of cramping feeling but it went away didn't know if it meant anything i haven't lost my plug yet is that normal with your first pregnancy? i know its different for everyone was just curious any other information would be helpful too!

peekin3 Racine, Wisconsin 289 posts
19th Mar '13

How exciting!!

Almost everyone I know went late with their first. My OB said that was normal because your body is learning right along with you lol I was induced at 42 weeks (after water had broke but nothing else happened lol)

Every woman is different, as will any other pregnancies you have. These will be the longest days/weeks of your life! I couldn't wait to see my babies faces... I went nuts! But I'm also as bad as the kids at Christmas when it comes to getting excited lol

I wish you a fast and wonderful delivery!

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13923 posts
19th Mar '13

I feel like death. Lol. So over this.
I had my daughter on my due date with my first, everyone else I know was late though. There's no tellin when you'll have that baby, but good luck!

* Clairebear * 1 child; Ireland 2650 posts
19th Mar '13

I went into labour 4 days early! She dropped at 38 weeks and the pressure was awful I could barely walk and it was so uncomfortable! I had constant Braxton hicks the last 10 weeks or so and when she was head down she kept head butting my cervix ugh. At 39 weeks 3 days I suddenly woke at 3am with a bad pain in my side, I thought it was a kidney infection. Didnt know I was in labour :-/ for a few hours. I started losing my mucus plug about 4 hours in and got the bloody show about 24 hours later. It was a long labour but worth it all! She's nearly 11 months old now. Most of my friends went over on their first babies though, I guess mine was just impatient to get out and didnt want to bake any longer lol.

Best of luck to you, easy labour dust! :) :) :)

- Erica - Due March 20 (boy); Rochester, New York 27 posts
19th Mar '13

thanks for sharing! ya im hoping im not much longer i cant wait to have my son and see him! i have a doctor appointment on my due date so hopefully things go well :) hes been really active and i have some minor pains hopefully things get going lol also odd question i thought earlier i felt his spine when i was rubbing my stomach is that ok or was it something else it felt like a few small bumps when i was relaxing