Finally BACK TO BEING skinny ;) **pics* J&C's mommy 2 kids; California 381 posts
20th Mar '13

4 years after 2 kids!!! 45 lbs and 10 sizes down!!!


Ewww me at the biggest xp

user banned Iowa 1784 posts
20th Mar '13

WOW just WOW~! Congrats!

J&C's mommy 2 kids; California 381 posts
20th Mar '13

This is to give hope to anyone who thinks they will never look like they did before kids:)

Miss Beautiful0812 3 kids; Florida 3351 posts
20th Mar '13

You look great... Good job mama.

thats me. :) 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Edmonton, Alberta 3365 posts
20th Mar '13

WOW! You look good. Congrats!

Mama Mallo (: 2 kids; Texas 6514 posts
20th Mar '13

Amazing!! What did you do?

J&C's mommy 2 kids; California 381 posts
20th Mar '13

I eat way less after I stopped nursing the weight literally fell off!! I did a wrap today it actually kinda worked;)

Lara +2 Due August 17; 2 kids; Wasilla, Alaska 7730 posts
status 21st Mar '13

Holy shit, thanks for posting!

I'm about 25 pounds down (started at 245) and am super scared about having a saggy tummy. It's good to see u can lose the weight and not have saggy skin:) good job

Arks Mama! ಠ_ಠ 1 child; Utah 2401 posts
21st Mar '13

I dislike you! D:
Good job! you look fantastic.

J&C's mommy 2 kids; California 381 posts
21st Mar '13

thanks so much ladies:)

Fiona Freeman Due April 22; United Kingdom 7 posts
22nd Mar '13

Well done:-). Am due my 7 th baby I.n 2 weeks 9th pregnuncy and last so will be trying to loose the 42 pound and get back to. Pre baby ish body help lol :-)

A Fit New Me Alabama 6 posts
24th Mar '13

Wow! Great work :D You look fantastic!