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21st Mar '13

Both of my sons initials are IMS. Although her last name will start with an "h" should I still at least try to keep the "I" "M"? I have my oldest,Isaiah Michael and his little brother Ian Matthew.I love both of their names and they both stuck immediately and fit them perfectly! My oldest wants me to use Ivy and something with a "M" for her middle name.I don't know what to do because I've been searching through all sorts of name and have not even came up with ONE so far that has stuck.I feel like I am never going to name her :cry: I just want to give my daughter a name!! Or at least pick out a few and have options and when she comes give her the option that fits her perfectly! Any suggestions?! Any would be sooooo much appreciated!

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21st Mar '13

Don't restrict yourself by sticking to just one letter. I don't like themes for sibling names anyways but with a letter that doesn't have many options it seems like it would be really easy for you to end up using a name you don't love just so you can stick with the theme

If you're set on doing it though...

Isla (eye-la)

Mommy of 3 ♦ Due June 30 (girl); 2 kids; Cumberland, Maryland 496 posts
21st Mar '13

Thats what sucks. Out of all the I names I like Ivy and Isabella but they don't stick. I've been researching all the names though A-Z. Still I haven't found anything I like on the internet or the baby books I've purchased because the internet wasn't helping me that much. The boys names came from the bible for the most part except Michael,even though it is in there I used it only because my oldest brother passed away at age 20 and wanted to honor him. I have become so frustrated trying to find the perfect name for her I haven't found crap that I want to name her :( I don't understand why it is so complicated this time around.:x

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21st Mar '13

You could use M for the first name and I for the middle? I like Ivy better as a middle name anyway.

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Find a different letter until it "fits."