--K-- 2 kids; Romania 3189 posts
Mar 21st '13
Quoting Mommy of boy & girl:" Dressing room. That was interesting because when we came out people were staring"

That sounds fun.

♀NoBoysAllowed 19 kids; San Diego, California 51862 posts
Mar 21st '13
Quoting Katie♥Hippoand#2:" lol nooo! With a guy I find attractive.. or chick, not that picky there."

Oh! Well, either.................


lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
Mar 21st '13

various times in a public park. usually at night but once or twice was in the daytime (i dont mean by a playground. this park is MILES wide and has places that are very private and where people go walking and go fishing ect.) also have had sex in other rooms of house before i had so many kids LOL my ex and i had sex in our new house in the middle of the living room the day after we signed the lease (before we had moved in) lmao

loser mom 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Oslo, Norway, ,,, Europe 12277 posts
Mar 21st '13

A hot tub at a hotel.... with people sitting nearby. :oops:

user banned 3 kids; Lincoln, Alabama 10353 posts
Mar 21st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Katie♥Hippoand#2:</b>" That sounds fun. "</blockquote>

It was. We cracked up

Naturally Alternative 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Lafayette, Louisiana 6978 posts
Mar 21st '13

A tie between the hotel pool and the nature trail at the Lemon House in Cresson, PA.

We ended up ALMOST getting caught both times lol

Ravey Candyass 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Boston, Massachusetts 107494 posts
status Mar 21st '13

Hum, the bathroom at school during a basketball game.
The dugout at the field at school.
In the car at a playground (late at night)

Inquisitor. 1 child; Mississippi 12463 posts
status Mar 21st '13

In a park with an ex I was 18 and some kids almost saw us lol.

Nameless Ghoul 2 kids; Sweden 6452 posts
Mar 21st '13

DH and I once did it on top of the hood of my car behind his dad's barn :P

Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
Mar 21st '13

when we were teenagers we were much more a public bathroom on a cruise, on a paddle boat in a lake in his parent's we're boring :lol:

Iron Man 6 kids; 1 angel baby; 1700 posts
Mar 21st '13

We've done it on a mountain. :D

We went for a hike, went on a pretty secluded one up to a viewpoint, and just got it on up there. We did go a little bit off trail just incase, but as my DH pointed it out, "Anyone coming up would've thought there was some sort of animal, and hightailed it right back down the trail"

Nothing like putting a show on for the squirrels.

mmpaint Due March 19 (boy); 2 kids; Alcova, Wy, United States 167 posts
Mar 21st '13

Tail gate of a truck. All over the barn, tack room, up against the stalls. Good thing horses cant talk! Haha

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Mar 21st '13

in the employee bathroom at my old job, it was a spur of the moment thing which made it hot. Plus we had to stay quiet

......... nowhere, NW, United States 25972 posts
Mar 21st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Port Amoral:</b>" My sex life is boring, my hubby and I never done it outside the bedroom :( haha I dont know how to spice it up. "</blockquote>

The car, a ping pong table, the woods, stairs, washer/dryer,

......... nowhere, NW, United States 25972 posts
Mar 21st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Katie♥Hippoand#2:</b>" Hm.. On his car at the soccer field (at night lol) I think thats the only "crazy" place. *Might be offensive* I want to in a confessional."</blockquote>

Lol interesting.

I've done it at a baseball field. During the day when a game was being played. Um, I was bad at 15.