Haylow 1 child; Georgia 23 posts
Mar 22nd '13

my daughter was 4 months old when she cut both of her bottom front teeth at the same time. She literally came out and was teething already lol

Lauren Lynda Evenden 1 child; Japan 5 posts
Jun 24th '13

my LB is only 13 weeks and has 2 bottom ones coming throught every baby is different

Belle. 2 kids; Alberta 6781 posts
Jun 24th '13

DS is 7 months and just cut his first top tooth. Looks like the other top one and both bottom ones are coming soon too

JulieBarns Due May 7 (girl); 3 kids; Japan 70 posts
Jun 24th '13

Every baby is different and this is totally normal. Nothing to be worried about at all.