I'm pregnant and It's painful to have sex, please help! Curr user banned
22nd Mar '13

It burns when I'm having sex, I get this stabbing sharp pain in my stomach. As soon as I felt that pain, we stopped. What can causing it?

Please ignore the "Curr" at the end of my topic, I was taping the keyboard randomly and didn't notice that typed til I posted my topic.

And please, no rude comments. I just need an answer. And don't tell me that sex is what got me pregnant in the first place, I know that and I can't get pregnant again while I am already pregnant anyway

nothing to see Due August 21 (boy); 2 kids; Japan 602 posts
22nd Mar '13

maybe he s hitting your cervix and it makes you cramp?

user banned Due August 18 (girl); Texas 46 posts
22nd Mar '13
Quoting nothing to see:" maybe he s hitting your cervix and it makes you cramp?"

that's what I was thinking.

Cute&Wicked Due November 21; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Indianapolis, IN, United States 1166 posts
22nd Mar '13

Try different positions. The only comfortable position for us was to spoon. Also, make sure you have a LOT of foreplay. If I wasn't "ready" it would burn because of all the dry friction. If I just wanted to get to it, lube helped.

ocelot 1 child; Starkville, Mississippi 61 posts
22nd Mar '13

Get some lube and try some different positions. Sometimes the standard ones don't work and you have to move around.